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The Love Energy Savings Guide to Independent Suppliers

Here at Love Energy Savings we have always been committed to providing our customers with the full range of business energy tariffs available to them in order to find an awesome deal in their electricity and business gas comparison.

While The Big Six still hold a majority market share, it’s important that business energy customers are aware of other supplier options so they can make an informed decision.

What is an Independent Supplier?

An independent supplier is one who is not a member of The Big Six, namely; British Gas, SSE, Scottish Power, EDF Energy, EON, and npower.

Independent suppliers tend to run a smaller operation than their Big Six counterparts, but that does not mean they cannot provide your business with a better deal. In fact, many of the independent suppliers tend to offer lower prices, flexible tariffs and better customer service than their larger competitors.

The market share of independent suppliers has been steadily increasing for years demonstrating that, for many energy customers, they are a preferred option to the traditional incumbents.

Their smaller size usually means that they are more agile when responding to customer queries or concerns, and it also means they are not obligated to pay into certain government initiatives, relaying the savings made to the customers in the form of cheaper prices.

The 2016 Which? energy companies’ satisfaction survey announced independent supplier, Ovo Energy as the UK’s No.1 energy supplier for consumers, followed by numerous other independents. EDF Energy was the first of The Big Six to be featured, ranking 14th.

At Love Energy Savings we only work with independent suppliers we have personally checked out and approved, so read on to find out which one will be best for your business.

Which Independent Suppliers are best for business customers?

We work with a wide range of independent suppliers for both home and business customers, all of which can be viewed here.

But to give you a quick overview, here are some examples of the best independent suppliers out there who offer competitive rates for business energy customers.

Opus Energy

Opus Energy

Opus Energy is one of the biggest independent suppliers, providing gas and electricity to over 200,000 businesses across the UK. In July 2015, Opus successfully disrupted the dominance of The Big Six by becoming the sixth largest business energy supplier in the UK.

For those concerned with green credentials, 90% of the energy Opus supplied between April 2013 and March 2015 came from renewables and they continue to ensure a significant proportion of the energy they buy is from a sustainable source.

Opus offer online account management as well as paperless billing, further adding to their environmentally friendly kudos.

Find out more about Opus Energy here.

OVO Energy

Ovo Energy Logo

OVO Energy are one the fastest growing independent supplier in the UK, championing great customer service, competitive prices and greener energy.

One of the distinguishing features of OVO is that there is no auto-rollover, meaning that when your contract comes to an end you won’t be automatically moved onto a higher tariff. Having said that there still may be a better deal available so they also allow a seven-day cooling off period once you have agreed to a contract.

As for their green credentials, their green tariff promises that 33% of the electricity supply will be produced by renewables and they have also committed to working with Cool Earth, pledging to protect 100,000 acres of rainforest.

You can read more about OVO Energy here.

Dual Energy

Dual Energy

Championing a “smarter future for energy”, Dual are leading the way in smart meter billing and installations. Smart Meters lie right at the heart of their business model and they are working closely with the government to ensure that the target of every business in the UK having a Smart Meter installed by 2020, is reached. You can read our ultimate guide to Smart Meters here.

Alongside their avocation of smart billing, Dual also boast low prices and are committed to becoming a viable alternative to The Big Six. They exclusively offer a three year fixed contract plus an Annual Price Review to business energy customers, allowing you to plan for the future and budget accordingly.

You can read more about Dual Energy here.

Yorkshire Gas and Power

Yorkshire Gas And Power

YGP are known as specialists when it comes to business energy. Despite specifying Yorkshire in their name, it supplies SMEs all over the UK, promising to deliver highly cost effective electricity and gas prices.

How do they keep their prices low? They run a lean business, keeping their running costs low so they can positively improve yours.

They also pride themselves on delivering outstanding customer service and with flexible pricing and billing options to suit every business, you can rest assured that your satisfaction is at the top of their priority list.

You can read more about Yorkshire Gas and Power here.



Established back in 1994, CNG are still going strong 20 years later. Not only do they promise to help businesses save money on their gas bills but they are also committed to helping customers cut their carbon emissions.

For those businesses who want to work with an ethical company, you can’t get much better than CNG. Their CSR policy is something they take very seriously, especially when it comes to local people and communities.

Not only do they work with their local radio station to share their vast energy knowledge on a weekly basis, but they’ve also designed a three-part lesson plan for KS2 (years 7 - 11) students set out to improve their understanding of how the energy market works.

You can read more about CNG here.

Crown Gas and Power

Crown Gas Power Square

Bury-based independent supplier Crown Gas and Power’s concern is accuracy; avoiding estimated gas bills at all costs. 

Offering flexible contract lengths, tailored billing and customised payment options, they are committed to providing the best customer experience, offering you a deal that works for you and your business.

They will work with your business to ensure an efficient energy flow is distributed throughout your organisation, helping you to reduce your energy consumption as well as your bills.

You can read more about Crown Gas and Power here.

Hudson Energy

Hudsonprofilepicture Logo

Hudson Energy define themselves as “an innovative business-to-business supplier of electricity, gas and renewable energy contracts”. They specialise in commercial supply and already have 1.8 million customers over in the US.

Now supplying UK businesses, they do have a lot of offer. They offer one, two and three year contracts and take great pride in the fact that in 2015, 99% of their electricity came from renewables. For SME customers, they also offer a green energy tariff which guarantees 100% renewable electricity to cater to those businesses who want to take proactive steps in aiding the fight against climate change.

You can read more about Hudson Energy here.

Total Gas & Power Ltd

Photo Verybig 170416

Total Gas and Power’s main USP is their ability to offer a bespoke service for businesses based on their individual requirements. Established back in 1984, their experience is evident in their range of innovative and pioneering products.

They currently supply over 80,000 organisations in the UK; from small business to larger corporates. They are one of only a few suppliers to offer a five year fixed price tariff and they also have an Eco-Energy option which guarantees 100% renewable energy supply for the greener businesses out there.

Customer satisfaction is a top priority for Total, evidenced by the fact that they are a proud member of the Institute of Customer Service.

You can read more about Total Gas and Power here.

Extra Energy

Extra Energy

Extra Energy herald from Germany where they’ve already had huge success supplying over 1 million customers. They are now taking on the UK market offering competitive prices and efficient service, Extra Energy are certainly a supplier to consider when comparing prices with us.

Their UK-based customer contact centres allow them to handle concerns or queries with ease and their easy to understand bills and online account management make things even simpler.

They offer one, two or three year contracts on fixed price tariffs, giving you peace of mind that even if the market fluctuates, your prices will remain the same.

You can read more about Extra Energy here.

UGP (United Gas and Power)

UGP Logo

UGP are a new UK supplier who have experienced fantastic growth over the last few years. Having previously operated under the name Lancashire Gas and Power, they have now rebranded and are focusing on offering great prices and honest customer service to business energy customers.  

They provide smart metering options for those businesses who want to be in total control of their usage and offer discounts on dual fuel packages. On selected tariffs they even remove standing charges meaning your business will only pay for the gas and electricity it actually uses.

You can read more about United Gas and Power here.

Haven Power

Haven Power Business Electricity

Haven Power define themselves as a “business electricity supplier with a difference” and we can see why. A relatively new entrant to the supplier market (they were founded in 2006) they have already established themselves as a customer champion providing every business purchaser with a personal advisor who will help them should they have any queries or concerns.

As part of the Drax Group (owner and operator of the largest power station in the UK) they can offer a renewable energy option fuelled by biomass. This brings significant benefits to Haven Power customers, namely security of supply and some of the most competitive prices on the market.

You can read more about Haven Power here.

You can compare prices from all these suppliers and The Big Six using our free and impartial energy price comparison service.

A full list of the suppliers we work with can be found here.

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