Energy Guides and Advice

We understand that understanding energy isn’t as straightforward as it sounds — especially if you’re trying to get the best value for money. Our experts have put together a series of in-depth guides to help you get the most out of your energy tariffs.

Our guides start by explaining everything you need to know about switching energy providers. We show how you can compare energy suppliers to get a great deal on your utility bills and unpack how switching actually works so that there are no surprises for you along the way. You’ll also discover how energy billing works, from energy costs and how bills are calculated to exploring the fine print you’ll see in your monthly statement.

Finally, we’ve created guides to keep you up to date with the future of energy. We’ll help you learn where your energy comes from, the types of renewable energy available to you, and how we can make the future greener together.

Choose the energy guide that’s right for you below.

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Heating your home is important — but can you be getting more for your money? Our energy guides for homes are designed to help you do just that. We cover topics like loft and wall insulation, the different types of meters that are available to you, and how to manage your energy bills when you move home. Plus, we have some top tips on helping you reduce your home energy costs. Select a guide below to start reading.

Whether you’re out to do your part for the planet or you simply want to keep on top of your expenses, there’s always a good reason to be more energy efficient. In our energy efficiency guides, we cover everything from energy-saving bulbs to renewable energy options like solar power and biomass. Start saving the environment as well as your money by reading our guides below.

Online Energy Resources

Whether you want to learn exactly what shale gas or fracking is, see how you can save energy around the office or home or simply need some assistance with your bills; we are here to help. As anyone who has used our service before will tell you, we are the experts when it comes to anything business or home energy related, so be sure to have a look around our comprehensive help centre.

We're always adding content, but if there's anything we've missed or you need help with please drop us a message and we'll be happy to lend you a hand via email or over the phone!